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Examination Management System has a simple easy to use web-based centralized user interface systsem that is used for storing, retrieving, managing and aggregating examination objects. The system is robust able to handle large amount of data with proper back up disaster recovery. It has a comprehensive test engine with randomization of questions and answer choices as well as role-based security allowing multiple levels of permissions for authors and administrators.

This process encompasses the management of the complete life cycle of online/offline examinations assists the institute through:

Distributed Authoring System

Online Hall ticket printing

Secured online question paper delivery

Offline & Online examinations

Central evaluation System

Certificate authentication system

intelliEXAMS consists of a layered architecture where the major user layers are for admin, university operator, college user, faculty and student. Users at various layers are provided the rights and privileges to perform different set of operations.

The Examination Management System allows distributed authoring of the question bank. Faculty members of affiliated colleges can register themselves as QBank Authors by using the link provided below. 

The QBank Authoring Management System manages the question bank for every programme offered by the university, keeping track of questions published in the question paper. Once approved, authors can upload any number of questions for any course. At any point time, registered authors can generate summary reports and view chart of the QBank authored by them.

Examination Centres
The system is composed of the central Network Operating Centre (NOC) at the university campus and Examination Data centres (EDC) at the affiliated colleges or DODE Centres at geographically dispersed locations. NOC at the university connects to the EDCs and is responsible for providing the managed services for conducting online, offline and mock examinations. The operations performed at EDCs include, the receipt of applications from students including payment of fee, attendance upload, the internal marks upload and printing of hall tickets for the students. The major part of the operations at the exam centre includes the receipt of question papers from the university just before the examination, printing the question papers and conducting examination.

Evaluation Centres
All activities related to evaluation are conducted at pre-defined evaluation centres. The tasks undertaken at the evaluation centres includes the assignment of dummy numbers to the answer scripts, scanning of answer scripts, segregation of questions and answers and the assignment of answer scripts for evaluation. The final activity is the upload of marks.


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